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Orizon Group is a global company, mainly located in the former Soviet Union territories, operating mostly in Kazakhstan, Russia and the Middle East. Mainly oriented towards the Oil & Gas sector, the group's primary objective is to be a reference point for all the oil companies and their main contractors for recruitment and manpower activities. Orizon also provides support services like logistics, transportation, the supply of lodging and support solutions for personnel and training activities.

Our professionalism and strong knowledge of the territory allows us to offer our clients an all-in-one service for what concerns the workforce we have mobilized. In fact, we are able to recruit, educate, train, rationalize, manage and mobilize our resources in every country of the world and according to any type of work schedule requested by our clients.

Our group is in continuous expansion and boasts a direct operation in more than 10 countries besides the many partnership agreements with the most important recruitment functions in India and in South Eastern Asia.


Depending on the location and requirements of our projects, we operate with different companies

STAMGazStroy operations include outsourcing services in the area of Kazakhstan. Core business includes: Recruitment, Manpower, Construction, Transportation & Logistic Services.

Orel Travel is an IATA accredited travel agency which works B2B only and provide services such as: Air Ticket bookings, Hotel bookings, Travel Management and Railway Tickets.

GFM Kazakhstan Provides accommodation and lodging solutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan through its own structures in Aktau and Atyrau regions.

GFMKZ is an administrative, legal and tax consultant company which provides its services mainly to Kazakhstan and The Russian Federation.


Our presence in Kazakhstan is prevalent for more than15 years and has allowed us not only to develop high professionalism concerning our services, but we have also undertook a series of investments to create structures to be placed to the disposal of our clients.

Blue River


In the heart of Atyrau, the reference town in Kazakhstan for the Oil & Gas sector where many primary Oil Companies and Contractors are situated, we have realized a building complex intended for residential use with 12 mini apartments consisting of living room with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom in the European style.

The right location for people that look for safety, independence and privacy.

In the region of Maginstau in the west of Kazakhstan, we built our most important facility


Realized in 2013 and  subsequently extended and refurbished completely in 2016, KOB is a structure with lodgings built in containers and ad hoc residential modules, able to accommodate up to 500 people.

The structure, only 7 km. away from Yard ERSAI, represents the ideal location for personnel located at Kuryk (Kazakhstan)

Inside our KOB, we built a workshop where we provide training courses for our personnel



The Workshop, erected inside our base in Kuryk, allows theoretical and practical training up to a maximum of 50 people per day with a total of 28 welding positions. 

Our instructors can conduct tailored training courses according to our client's requirements for all types of specialties.

Companies of our group respect the highest international standards of certification in order to operate in the Oil & Gas industry. Periodically, our group is subject to internal and external audits to keep improving our process and safety standards.

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