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We have a wide experience in the construction of mobile and fixed  lodging fields, in restyling pre-existing accommodations both on land and on the ships. We are specialized in upgrading  overseas containers to insulated accommodations for the winter or summer.

According to the customers' requirements, we can design medium to large capacity fields. Our team of experts in the designing stage examines all the details related to the installation's location and possible criticalities that may arise when the work is in progress. This reduces the risks connected with the project's development to zero. A particular attention is devoted in the design stage to all the administrative parts connected with the necessary licenses from local authorities. The same thing applies to the utilities connections.


We put in the same amount of effort and synergy to create new constructions and to restyle existing buildings. For restyling, our team of experts examines in detail all the single components that can be re-used in order to optimize the costs for our customer. Our experience ensures that, according to the possibilities and to the available surface for the realization of a field, we can offer different dwelling solutions in order to optimize a cost effective solution for all spaces and available areas.


Besides realizing the buildings connected to an accommodation field, we can also provide more suitable solutions for furniture, equipment for a canteen, laundry, gym area, CCTV video surveillance system and access controls.

For additional information on our services kindly contact us by email at

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